Jenny Lin's new zine project and the first issue, One Evening

Jenny Lin has a new project for a series of zines and it is awesome. In the first zine, One Evening, Lin illustrates a kinky story in watercolour. The book is already out and we had it at Queer Between the Covers, Montreal queer book fair.

Here's the artist's description:

While a group of young women commiserate and decompress after a midterm art school critique, they share an erotic queer bondage fantasy about their art teacher. This book is the first in a series in-progress of illustrated and interpreted queer sexual fantasies. I invite acquaintances to share their specific and personal sexual fantasies with me (in verbal or written form) and provide them with the service of transforming the fantasies into graphic book form. To participate, you must identify as queer! If you would like me to draw your queer sexual fantasy, please contact me:


One Evening - Mini
20 laser-printed pages
3 x 3 inches

You can buy it on Etsy.  

There's also a bigger, fancier, hand-printed version:

One Evening
20 screen-printed pages
Hand bound
5½ X 5½ inches
Numbered and signed edition of 30.

One Evening was very popular during the queer book fair and we'll be happy to show both versions at the New York Art Book Fair.


New zine and the New York Art Book Fair

B&D presents Eloisa Aquino's new butch dyke zine, with the mini illustrated bio of Audre Lorde, American writer. Lorde is considered one of the most important poets of the United States in the 20th century. Her prolific career spanned for decades and included poetry, essays and memoirs. Lorde was also a teacher and an life-long activist for black, gay and women's rights.

B&D launched the zine during the Montreal Queer Book Fair, Queer Between the Covers, and will bring it to the New York Art Book Fair (September 19-22) at the MOMA PS1.


Newsgirls, a photo zine by Andrea Clegg

Newsgirls is a new photo zine by photographer Andrea Clegg. Clegg was involved in Toronto's boxing community for many years, mainly in the gym Newsgirls, where she developed her work as photographer. Newsgirls the zine captures some moments of that trajectory in a space that's much more than a gym - it's an empowering community and a safe space for queer women and transfolk.

Visit Newsgirls mini site.

Buy it from Etsy at a special launch price of $6.

28 pages in black and white
off-set printed
9.25 x 6.25 inches
$ 7 


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